About Us

Hi friends! My name is Lucas.

That was the beginning point for me when I understood that I could create this online thing work.

Since that time I’ve developed other sites in various niches and formats to assist people who searching for information about their problems.

Anyhow, I created Around Me Blog to help you do the same. My goal is to simply show you what works for me in the hope that it will work for you also. Each of the blogging, how to, tips mentioned here have been tested by me personally and I genuinely hope they help you with simple answers.

Well, because this blog is all about showing other people the how to and techniques which have worked for me.

While I do make a living using this blog, I only ever recommend ideas, products, etc. that have worked for me and that I think will work for you too.

I honestly believe that helping others is the only means to live my life span. I always try to respond to each comment and Tweet that I get and intention to create friendships with as many of my readers as possible.